Sprinting with a new team

Its been quite a while since I posted anything; I changed jobs, started working with a different language (besides C#) and had to mentor a new team of developers.

Joining the new team of developers had its challenges mainly getting them to understand and implement the concept of agile and sprinting. They had previously been used to the typical waterfall style of development and moving to a looser form didn’t come naturally.

The one thing that I still have not managed to get across to certain members is the fact that you only address current concerns, you don’t leap ahead 5 to 10 months in time and say what ‘might’ be required because the next sprint may totally change the development landscape throwing all your plans out of the window.

It can lead to some quite frustrating conversations, and I sometimes have to suppress the argument with “okay, make a note of those thoughts in an email to us all so that we have them for when we need them”. I’m not trying to dismiss the ideas, far from it, I just want them to focus on the tasks in hand, who knows, we may want there idea later!